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  • DP-20 Differential Pressure Transmitter
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    DP-20 Differential Pressure Transmitter

    DP-20 Differential Pressure Transmitter is an instrument that is used to measure the differential pressure of air or non-corrosive gases.DP-20 Differential Pressure Transmitter can display the pressure difference digitally with a 4-digital LED screen(optional display) and is...
  • PM-305 Dust Meter
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    PM-305 Dust Meter

    PM-305 Dust Meter is developed to analyze the indoor and outdoor air quality.It can detect the count concentration and mass concentration of dust at the same time. PM-305 Dust Meter is widely used in monitoring air conditioning,air purifier and IAQ. F Specifications:
  • TH-30R Temperature And Humidity Sensor
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    TH-30R Temperature And Humidity Sensor

    TH-30R Temperature and Humidity Sensor is made with the characteristics of stable and reliable quality, high testing precision, wide range of measurement and clear digital display, which is easy to use.TH-30R Temperature and Humidity Sensor is widely used in...
  • DP-30R Differential Pressure Sensor
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    DP-30R Differential Pressure Sensor

    DP-30R Differential Pressure Sensor can quickly measure the pressure diifference of air or non-corrosive gas and display them with 4-bits LED liquid crystal. With the design of advanced lines.DP-30R Differential Pressure Sensor has the characteristics of stable and reliable...
  • WS-20 Air Velocity Transmitter
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    WS-20 Air Velocity Transmitter

    WS-20 Air Velocity Transmitter has very sensitive responsivity for air velocities,even for the lowest air velocities(close to 0). And the transmitter also provides RS485 protocl,adopting standard Modbus communication protocol, it is convenient to get the data via digital...
  • WS-30R Air Velocity Sensor
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    WS-30R Air Velocity Sensor

    WS-30R Air Velocity Sensor is a sensor with the abilities of anti-dampness and anti-pollution.It can measure accuratly with low and medium wind speed.WS-30R Air Velocity Sensor has not only high accuracy and long-term stability,but also very good performance-price ratio.
  • CLJ-210 Particle Countind Sensor
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    CLJ-210 Particle Countind Sensor

    CLJ-R210 Remote Particle Sensor is an instrument with high quality and long-life pump.It makes it easier and cost-effective to monitor cleanrooms.The installation of CLJ-R210 Remote Particle Sensor is simplified with versatile power options,and its unit can be configured to...
  • CLJ-H630 Handheld Airborne Particle Counter
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    CLJ-H630 Handheld Airborne Particle Counter

    The CLJ-H630 model is reliable and easy-to-use machine; it’s handheld, ergonomically designed and lightweight. The Model CLJ-H6 30 counts airborne particles in six different size ranges simultaneously. Count data is displayed on screen ( 480X320 High-resolution colour LCD...
  • CLJ-R310 Particle Counting Sensor
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    CLJ-R310 Particle Counting Sensor

    CLJ-R310 Remote Particle Counter is an instrument that makes it easier and cost-effective to monitor the cleanrooms. The integration of the instrument is easy while using either Ethernet (TCP/IP) or Serial Modbus RTU communications.CLJ-R310 Remote Particle Counter can also...
  • Solid Particles (cigarette Smoke) Generator
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    Solid Particles (cigarette Smoke) Generator

    The generator adopts a positive pressure air blowing method to generate smoke. The cigarette is fixed on the cigarette holder which is connected to the combustion tube. The cigarette is ignited by the cigarette lighter. At the same time ,the time counting starts. The...
  • Handheld Digital Differential Pressure Meter
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    Handheld Digital Differential Pressure Meter

    Model DP-40 Handheld Digital Differential Pressure Meter,It is used to measure Differential Pressure for different level in neighbouring cleanroom or in –out is display the Differential Pressure in digital form. The instrument use TE Differential Pressure...
  • Handheld Digital Anemometer
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    Handheld Digital Anemometer

    The main function for WS-40 Handheld Digital Anemometer Meter is for measure air velocity. The instrument with compact structure, small size, stable and reliable and easy to use.
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