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Ozone Pollution Control Needs To Be Strengthened

At present, the PM2.5 target and the number of standard days have been included in the national "12th Five-Year", "13th Five-Year" plan, become the official performance assessment index, received enough attention at all levels of government. However, the coordinated control of other pollutants such as ozone has not yet been included in the planning, so the degree of attention is not enough, the governance needs to be strengthened.

Ozone treatment is a long-term process, in the case of pollution is difficult to eliminate, the public how to strengthen prevention and protect their health? Ozone to gas based, wearing masks can not be effectively protected, the best way is active protection, that is, to avoid contact." Peng Yingdeng said that in the afternoon when the sun is strong, to stay away from the road, the decoration of a serious pollution, chemical plants and other places near the afternoon to go out. Children, the elderly, as well as some patients with ozone resistance to weak, try not to go out on the big sun. In addition, the indoor use of a large number of printers, copiers, etc., may also produce ozone pollution, such a room to maintain ventilation.

China environmental protection online believes that effective prevention and control of ozone pollution, it is imperative to monitor the use of different means to distinguish the contribution of different sources, analysis of possible measures to be taken in order to maximize the benefits. The related basic research must follow, not only because of pollution control pressure and reduce the evaluation criteria, so that the public health lost security, nor in the lack of basis under the condition of arbitrary collection of strict standards, man-made pollution illusion, bring adverse effects to the society.

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