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Details Of The Functions That Are Newly Added To The CLJ Series

  CLJ series Airborne Particle Counters in our company are reliable and easy-to-use instruments.Their main function is to count airborne particles. The CLJ series are widely used in the Pharmaceutical, Electronics, Aviation, Precision instrumentation, Biological Pharmaceutical, Filter Testing and Semiconductor industries,Medical Treatment, Food, Healthcare, Scientific Research, etc. A part products of this series, such as CLJ-B330, CLJ-B550 and CLJ-B1030 have been added three new functions nowadays, which makes them more attractive.


1.The first function is Auditing and Tracing:

This function is kindly like a stream record of system activity. All operation procedures of the instrument can be recorded at any time and anywhere to ensure that the data is complete, true, reliable, and traceable.

2.The second funtion is Three-grade management:

This function ensures three different levels of management rights to be set in the instrument. The users of each right need to specify the account number and password to log in and they can read different operation contents according to different levels. This function makes it more rigorous and convenient to manage the instrument.


3.The third function is Optional External Temperature and Humidity Module:

This function allows instruments being connected with an external temperature and humidity probe, during operation, the temperature and humidity can be detected at the same time, and the measured values are displayed on the instrument interface automatically.


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