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Dust Meter Series

LD series dust meter product series

Laser dust meter is a pocket dust detector with laser as the light source, which meets the industry standard of Ministry of health. The instrument is suitable for public places of inhalable particles (PM10) detection of dust concentration determination, concentration field of production and labor hygiene, environmental protection and monitoring field of inhalable dust concentration, but also can be used to evaluate the efficiency of an air cleaner. The introduction of a full set of manufacturing and testing technology and equipment.

A new type of Microcomputer - based laser dust detector with a new type of built-in filter. At the same time, continuous monitoring of dust mass concentration can be collected samples of particulate matter, and to achieve PM2.5, PM5, PM10, TSP, PM1 a variety of cutter switching. A new type of laser dust detector with a new type of built-in filter online sampler with international advanced level in the new century. PM2.5 and TSP cutters for selection.

Pipeline series

Dust removal system, dust particles in gas-solid two-phase flow through pipelines and dust transport process, due to the collision and friction of dust particles and dust particles, dust particles and the inner wall of the pipeline, the dust particles and filter and dust particles and flue gas, will make the dust particles with electrostatic charge is directly related to the. The amount of electrostatic charge and pipeline in the gas-solid two-phase flow in the dust content, the root mean square value and the disturbance of the charge amount value arithmetic mean reflect the dust content in the pipe. The charge transfer is called static friction effect, or called electrostatic induction.

The on-line dust detector is designed for the process design of the bag filter system, the ceramic filter system or the heart filter system. Dust linear emission detection, mainly used in dust emission detection. In order to facilitate the installation and operation, the sensor and the control unit are placed in the shell with protection level of IP65. Flue dust monitoring is designed specifically for environmental monitoring and flue dust concentration monitoring, with TUV environmental certification. Safe mode dust detector used in hazardous areas, equipped with two alarm relays and 4-20mA signal output. Sensor meets the requirements of Atex certification, II ½ GD IA IIC T6, IP65, T85 EEx. The monitoring system consists of a EEx sensor, a split transmitter, and a signal processing unit.

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