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DP-20 Differential Pressure Transmitter

DP-20 Differential Pressure Transmitter

  DP-20 Differential Pressure Transmitter is a new high-quality product that is developed by our company last month. It can quickly measure the differential pressure of air or non-corrosive gases and display the pressure difference digitally with a 4-digital LED screen (optional display). The instrument uses TE's (T as Tyco) high-precision differential pressure sensor and is with a variety of range specifications, advanced circuit design and structural design. DP-20 also has the characteristics of stable and reliable quality, high test accuracy and clear displayed numbers. 


  DP-20 Differential Pressure Transmitter can be widely used in electronics, biotechnology, aerospace and other production and scientific research departments. It is also the ideal instrument for pharmaceutical companies and quality supervision departments to implement GMP regulations and strengrhen production environment management.

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