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Detection Principle Of Ozone Concentration Detector

We know that the earth's atmosphere on a layer of ozone layer, scientists have found that the ozone layer can absorb ultraviolet light, ozone research shows that only has the maximum absorption coefficient on the wavelength of 253.7nm ultraviolet light, ultraviolet light at this wavelength by ozone fade, with Lambert - Bill's law. The method has been used in the United States and other countries as a standard analysis of ozone. The ozone concentration detector is the principle of ultraviolet absorption method, with a stable ultraviolet light source to produce ultraviolet light, with the light wave filter to filter out other wavelengths of ultraviolet light, allowing only the wavelength of 253.7nm through. After the sample photoelectric sensor, and then through the ozone absorption tank, to reach the sampling photoelectric sensor. Through the comparison of the photoelectric sensor of the sample and the photoelectric signal of the sampling photoelectric sensor, and then through the calculation of the mathematical model, the ozone concentration can be obtained.

Basic circuit by the power part, ultraviolet lamp control, ultraviolet light sample detection, ultraviolet ray sampling detection, logarithmic amplifier Log100, analog output and display six major components.

The core part of the circuit is to use logarithmic amplifier Log100 to realize the mathematical model of ozone concentration. LOG100 is an integrated circuit with 14 pins which can be used to calculate the logarithm of the ratio of the current or voltage to the output voltage of the. The dynamic range of the output current of the amplifier can be varied from 1nA to 1mA. The output error range is not more than 0.1%. Basic wiring, output formula: Vout =VT * ln I0/I (Note: VT--- constant; Vout--- output voltage).

The main part of the power supply is to produce the high voltage power needed by the ultraviolet lamp, and to generate the +15V DC voltage on the circuit board. The UV lamp control part is mainly control the UV lamp in the range of constant current, high and low can be automatically adjusted, if can't adjust to the UV lamp life, the panel has a red light, you should replace the new UV lamp. Standard UV detection and UV detection is a key part of the sampling part, the UV light. The photoelectric sensor signal into a voltage signal, and then through the amplifier two times operation signal amplification to calculate LOG100 sorting, processing, display and output. The simulated output 0~20mA is linearly related to the concentration of ozone.

The ozone concentration detector is mainly composed of a low voltage ultraviolet lamp, a light wave filter, an incident ultraviolet light reflector, an ozone absorption tank, a sample photoelectric sensor, a sampling photoelectric sensor, an output display and a circuit component.

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