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Barometric Altitude Sensor

The barometric height sensor is a sensor that uses air pressure to measure height. At the height of the measurement because the need to use the processor through the formula to calculate the height value, so in the selection of air pressure sensors are generally used to output digital signal products.

Barometric altitude sensor is to measure the height of the sensor through the pressure changes, so in the process of measurement is not affected by the obstacles, measurement of height range, convenient to move, can measure the absolute altitude and relative height measurement. The pressure and temperature to calculate the height of the error is relatively large, especially in the near surface measurement, the influence of wind, humidity, dust particles, height measurement accuracy has been greatly affected, high measurement accuracy has improved.

The formula for calculating height by air pressure and temperature is as follows:

Near the ground, pressure change and temperature change of every day is relatively large, so the pressure and temperature to calculate the altitude there is a big error, even if the sensor is placed at the same level does not move in absolute altitude sooner or later at different time measured height may also appear larger error.

The principle is to measure the angle between the sliding arm and the reference line to convert the height of the corresponding ironing plate. This method for contact measurement. There are many kinds of sensors to measure the angular displacement, such as the potentiometer sensor, the grating angle sensor, the magnetic grid angle sensor and the encoder sensor. This kind of sensor can accurately measure the corresponding angle of the gas pressure sensor installed on the traction arm when the paver is spreading, so that the height of the ironing board can be converted. A common feature of the air pressure sensor is a good linearity, wide operating temperature range, long service life. But in the construction of the barometric altitude sensor for measuring height, the sensor will be in the line of sliding caused by the vibration, so in the base line, the slide arm end is provided with a vertical symmetry often balance hammer.

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