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The measurement technology of nanometer air ultrafine particles breaks the monopoly of foreign countries

Due to the technology and equipment and other factors, China's air ultrafine particles can only be monitored at room temperature, said the quality, but the cooling process will generally lead to 50% error." The company co-founder, University of Oxford engineering doctor Chen Longfei told the Yangtze River Daily reporter, the current measurement technology of nano air fine particles almost by foreign companies and the high-temperature gas combustion of ultrafine particles still belongs to the test area.

Chen Longfei said that the development of a wide range of temperature range of Nano fine particle counting system, can directly measure the first high-temperature source data, significantly improve the test accuracy." At present, Wuhan Tianjin aviation science and technology limited company research and development of high temperature condensed fine particle counter has been debugged, its core technology has been the Dongfeng Automobile, Suzhou Su letter fancy, reached a cooperation agreement.

At present, the vehicle matching, motor vehicle inspection, air quality monitoring and other strong demand, the company has a core technology in the world's leading position, will break the monopoly of foreign countries and greatly enhance the accuracy of equipment testing.

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