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Selection of air filters with different levels of air cleanliness

Selection and arrangement of air filters with different levels of air cleanliness:

Air cleanliness level 100, level 10000 and level of air purification treatment, should be used in the initial effect, medium efficiency, high efficiency filter three filter 100000. For the 300000 stage air purification treatment, the sub high efficiency filter can be used instead of the high efficiency filter.

The selection and arrangement of air filter shall meet the following requirements:

The effect of air filter should be set in the positive pressure air conditioning purification;

The effective or efficient air filter should be set at the end of purifying air conditioning system;

"In effect, high efficiency air filters are advised by less than or equal to the rated air selection.

The central air conditioning system should be adopted in clean room (area) where the area is large, the air cleanliness is high, the position is concentrated, and the noise and vibration control is strict. On the contrary, it is possible to adopt a decentralized air conditioning system.

The air purification system shall be set separately:

The unidirectional flow clean room and non unidirectional clean room (area)

The efficient air purification system and the effect of air purification system;

The clean room operation shifts or using different time (area)

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