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Horizontal laminar flow clean bench

The horizontal unidirectional flow clean bench is widely used in the area of local purification. Laboratories, bio pharmaceuticals, optoelectronics, microelectronics, hard disk manufacturing and other fields. The horizontal unidirectional flow clean bench has the advantages of Gao Jie cleanliness, assembly line, low noise and movable.


1, especially suitable for assembly into a clean production lines, according to the layout as a single process needs to use, but also formed many series 100 level assembly line.

2, with the United States Dwyer pressure gauge, a clear indication of the high pressure filter on both sides of the differential pressure, and timely reminder of the replacement of HEPA filter.

3, the products are manufactured by the United States federal standard 209E by Taiwan strict inspection, high reliability.

Optional Accessories

1, ULPA ultra high efficiency filter

2, fire board table / stainless steel hole board desktop

3, stainless steel grid frame RICHMOND in addition to electrostatic ion system

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